Upcoming Solar Eclipse

As some of you may know, there is an upcoming Total Solar Eclipse that will be visible in Nashville, TN! The last total solar eclipse visible from the United States was back in 1998, so it’s been a while, but it’s finally back! On August 21st, the eclipse will be visible at 1:27 PM local […]

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Drake Equation

You may have heard of the Drake equation before, and you may have heard that it can “predict” the number of aliens we may one day face (or fight?). Well, you’re not too far off. The Drake equation allows astronomers and scientists to estimate the number of civilizations that exist in the deep vast space […]

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Enceladus, also known as Saturn II (and my favorite moon in the solar system), is one of the innermost and also the sixth largest moon of Saturn. This moon has an orbital period of 33 hours and reflects almost 100% of the sunlight that strikes, due to it’s icey surface. It was discovered in August […]

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Star Trails

Star trails are probably some of the most well-known and well-received type of astrophotography out there, as the beautiful circular patterns the stars make as Earth rotates are truly mesmerizing and sometimes even inspirational. I know I always find time to look up at night and appreciate the night sky and the stars and even […]

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A Brief History Lesson

Most people, when hearing the phrase, “history of astronomy,” probably immediately envision the Stonehenge, or some ancient relic that had to do with the alignment of the stars. However, many seem to forget, or ignore the fact that up until very recently (some 500 years ago),  there were great debates on the different models of […]

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You can’t go through astronomy without talking about constellations, and for me, you can’t go through constellations without talking about my favorite: Cassiopeia. She is is not only a constellation in the northern sky, but also the queen of Æthiopia. Beautiful and proud, she was the wife of king Cepheus, and the mother of Andromeda; […]

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